Liam Lunettes (easilyflustered) wrote,
Liam Lunettes

Meme continuation: Aphros, canon dream with Kevin

Continued from here.

Kevin stills at the sound, gaze darting up to Liam’s face, a hint of concern in his single eye as he tries to hold himself still, finding his earlier eagerness had abated enough to give him back some vestige of control. His mouth brushed against Liam’s once, twice, lightly before he’s kissing him again, the desire driving him more gentle this time.

His hands stroke down over Liam’s sides slowly as he breaks the kiss, waiting for the other to let him know when to move.

Slowly, it becomes more bearable, especially with the added distraction of the gentle kisses, the hands trailing over his skin erotically. His body responds, and he shifts his hip again to lessen the strain of the position. It draws Kevin deeper, and he lets out a hiss. This isn’t in pain, though--not entirely. He deepens the kiss, and lets go of Kevin’s hair, only to tangle his fingers in the locks near his scalp.

Kevin drew back when he’d broken the kiss, his hips rolling slowly as he watched Liam’s face, the sound that escaped his lips going straight to his cock as he picks up the pace. His nails dig into the other man’s hips, leaving crescent marks and his good eye closes as his breathing shifts, becoming more like panting.

Liam moans softly, his own hips moving of their own accord, with Kevin. It takes a moment to get the right tempo, but once he does, it’s not awkward anymore. It’s wonderful. He uses the hand tangled in Kevin’s hair to pull his head down until they’re cheek-to-cheek, listening to each other pant, hearing every vocal reaction close. Feeling the other’s breath against their ears. It’s intimate, and intense.

The sound of Liam’s voice in his ear pushes him closer to the edge, his thrusts becoming more erratic as he moves, fingers digging into the other man’s hips hard enough to leave marks and almost bruise him. Kevin moved a hand, turning Liam’s head so he could take another kiss.

That’s probably a good thing, because Liam’s never done this before, and the intensity of the sensations is quickly pushing him toward the edge as well. The feeling of Kevin thrusting into him, the friction of his skin pressed and moving against his cock trapped between them, and now the kiss. Even the pain of those fingers bruising his hips is sensation, just as good as the pleasure. He parts his lips for him eagerly.

Kevin deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding against Liam’s, memorizing the taste and feel of kissing him as a hand slid down between their bodies, fingers wrapping around to stroke him, his grip tightening and relaxing in rotation.

The new sensation adds to the others, pooling hotly in his belly. It’s not long before that heat reaches its limit and shoots up his spine, setting his brain on fire, as he comes with a short cry, arching under Kevin, tremors running through his body as all his muscles clench and relax in short involuntary spasms.

Kevin feels the changes in his body, the tensing and relaxing pushing him closer to the edge himself as he keeps moving, his body finally sliding into shudders before he sags over Liam. It had felt better than he’d expected and he lifted his head slowly, gaze locking on Liam’s face.

Liam is utterly relaxed, the expression on his face sated and a little dazed. He loops his arm around Kevin’s hip and smiles slightly, tiredly. He’d rather like to fall asleep like this. Distantly, he wonders if he really should feel like that, but he doesn’t really care.

Kevin settles against his side once he’s able to move, eye closing slowly.

Liam turns toward the other man, drawing him into his arms so they can sleep that way, close. This isn’t either of their rooms, but he’s too sated and relaxed to care.
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