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Liam's Sickbed

[Liam spends most of his time sleeping, when he's not being woken by goings-on in the hallway or eating what food Barma brings him. He has snuck out once to find a kitchen, but other than that he's not left. Certain people know he's here, and certain people will likely find out through Barma.

Mostly, though, his injuries keep him in bed, and the painkillers ensure that he spends much of that time asleep. Because of that, he's not entirely sure how much time has passed since he arrived. When the painkillers wear off he's generally in a miserable amount of pain until new ones kick in, so although he's not happy with the blocks of time missing due to drugged sleep, it's the lesser of two evils.

When he is awake, he spends much of his time worrying about the Xerxes from his world--worry that won't be alleviated easily.

Even though he's on painkillers, he wakes easily.]

[OOC - Open post for DR visitors. Certain people will likely be expected in the future. Others might be people he met either when he arrived or in his brief forays afterward. Of course, a few might stumble upon him randomly, too.]
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